Heizer Capital LLC is a closely-held investment firm that makes long-term commitments of capital to exceptional businesses being built by exceptional people.  We invest in both public and private companies and gravitate toward the energy, insurance and healthcare service industries. We invest in people who have a strong moral compass and who think and act like an owner.

Our private company investment activity is highly focused and tends toward control positions or complete ownership of small to mid-sized businesses that have proven they can make money.  We work closely with the leaders who run these companies and want them to thrive and make the company their life's work.  In our experience, this reduces disruptive management team turnover and leads to better operating results and return on our investment.

Our firm is leanly staffed and we don't manage other people's money.  This lets us focus on doing what we like to do, namely making investments and helping companies grow.  It also means that we make new investments on a highly selective basis and only when the merits of an investment are readily apparent to us.   With this in mind, if you like our approach and have a business that fits, you can contact us at Info@HeizerCapital.com.